Rack-Mounted Chiller

The BV Thermal Systems Rack-Mounted Chiller is mountable in a 19-inch rack therby saving desktop or floor space and allows for stacking of related devices.  The Rack-Mounted Chiller offers continuous cooling with  a temperature range fromRackmount Chiller +5° to +27°C and feature an easy front fill reservoir, auto-tuning, PID temperature controller and a liquid filled pressure gauge.

With environmentally friendly CFC refrigerant our Rack-Mounted  Chiller features easy to use time tested components such as an adjustable temperature high & low alarm and a 100 million cycle solenoid valve.  With the largest selection of options in the industry,  the Rack-Mounted Chiller may be designed and manufactured to your exact requirements and specifications.

Our Rack-Mounted Chiller is engineered for superior performance and manufactured for years of reliable service.

Rack-Mounted Chiller Features

•Full featured PID controller with Auto-tuning   •Seamless polyethylene tank with easy fill 3″ port
•One positive displacement pump on 60Hz   •Liquid filled pressure gauge
•Internal pressure/flow adjustment   •Adjustable temperature high & low alarm
•Separate electrical enclosure   •100 million cycle solenoid valve
•Reservoir drain with ball valve shut-off   •Minimized thread seals

Rack-Mounted Chiller Specifications

MODEL MC017-19 MC025-19 MC033-19 MC050-19
Cooling Capacity 500 watts @20°C 861 watts @20°C 1119 watts @-20°C 1702watts @20°C
Stability ±0.1°C ±0.1°C ±0.1°C ±0.1°C
Temperature Range +5°C to +35°C +5°C to +35°C +5°C to +35°C +5°C to +35°C
Pump 2.2 GPM to 60 PSI 2.2 GPM to 60 PSI 2.2 GPM to 60 PSI 2.2 GPM to 60 PSI
Reservoir Volume 0.55 gal 0.55 gal 0.55 gal 0.55 gal
Power Requirements 120V, 6A 120V, 8A 120V, 9A 120V, 15A
Weight (lbs) 60 68 68 79