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Sizing a Laser Chiller

Lasers generate vast amounts of heat and if the laser is to operate properly, the heat must be removed to keep the laser and critical components from overheating.  As time has gone on, lasers have become smaller and more powerful.   The more powerful lasers require recirculating chillers... read more →
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Random Facts – May

Welcome to the Random Facts and Interesting Tidbits page on the BV Thermal Systems Website.  This is the page that you can visit when you need a quick break.  This page will be filled with random facts and various information... read more →
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“Tall” Design for the Rackmount Heat Exchanger

Fluid to Fluid Heat Exchangers or otherwise known as liquid to liquid non-refrigerated heat exchangers  utilize tap water to remove heat from processes.  These units are suitable where the cooling water source is too low or the pressure or cleanliness of the water may cause damage. Typically, rackmount units... read more →
May 02

The Importance of Chillers in Labs

Lab Chiller Options Historically, Laboratory workers have traditionally relied on water, ice, dry ice, and liquid nitrogen for fast and easy cooling. Though these methods may never disappear, chillers have become more and more commonplace in labs because they are accurate, convenient and easy to use.  Add the options for rackmount,... read more →