Custom Fluid Heat Exchangers

Custom fluid heat exchangers from BV Thermal Systems are built to meet your exact specifications.  With the ability to use existing in-house water for heat removal, custom fluid heat exchangers are both cost efficient and accurate.  Our custom fluid heat exchangers are ideal when in-house water is either too cold, too dirty or does not have enough pressure to adequately support your process equipment.  By providing a clean, stable, controlled closed loop water cooling system they are an ideal low cost energy saving alternative for removing process heat.

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Examples of Custom Fluid Heat Exchanger Options

  • Special certifications (SEMI, S2, CE, UL, CSA, OSHPD)
  • Special Materials (stainless steel, aluminum, nickel plated)
  • Paint
  • Custom Connections
  • Size (Unit Dimensions)
  • Communications
  • Controls and Displays
  • Electrical
  • Installation

About Custom Fluid Heat Exchangers

For over 30 years, BV Thermal Systems has been designing, engineering and manufacturing custom heat exchangers.   Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for excellence in the heat exchanger market.  Our customers, many of which are in the Laser, Semiconductor, Medical  industries as well as academic institutions and government contractors rely on us to provide them with heat exchangers that are accurate, reliable and cost effective.

BV Thermal Systems offers various standardized styles and models to meet your needs HRE Fluid to Fluid Heat Exchangers, Rack Mount Fluid to Fluid Heat Exchangers and High Temperature Fluid to Fluid Heat Exchangers.  However, If you don’t see a model that matches your requirements, customization is our specialty, just contact us with any question you may have, we are happy to help.