Jun 13

Process Heat Load Calculation & Definitions


 Process Heat Load Calculations

Whether you’re in need of a chiller for a laboratory, your laser, CT Scanner or your your brewery, the terminology used remains the same.  In order to use the heat load calculations it is important to have a clear understanding of some general definitions.  The list below will not make an engineer out of you, however, it will provide you with a basic understanding of the terminology.  Should you require assistance with sizing a chiller for you specific needs, we will be happy to assist you.  Feel free to contact us at any time.  


BTUH or Btu / Hr – British Thermal Units per Hour

PSIG – Pounds per Square Inch Gauge

PSIA – Pounds  per Square Inch Absolute

One Ton of Refrigeration = 12,000 Btu per Hour

One Refrigeration Ton = 3,025 kg calories per hour

Btu/hr for Water = GPM x 500 x Delta-T

Btu/hr for other fluids = Lbs. Per Hr. x Specific Heat x Specific Gravity X Delta-T

Btu/hr for Solids = Lbs. Per hour x Specific Heat x Delta-T

Btu/hr = kW x 3,413

Btu/hr = HP x 2,544

PSIA = PSIG 14.7

Btu/hr = kW x 1000 / .293

kW = Btu/hr / 1000 x .293

Lbs/Hr = GPM x Density x 8.022

Lbs/Hr = GPM x 501.375 x Specific Gravity

Specific Gravity = Density / 62.4

GPM of Water = Btu/hr / Specific Heat / Specific Gravity / Delta-T / 500


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