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BV Thermal Systems has been supplying Temperature Control Equipment to the Laboratory, Semiconductor, Optical, Laser, Medical and Research Industries and Institutions since 1980

Benchtop Chillers

Benchtop Chillers from BV Thermal Systems are whisper quiet, economical and environmentally friendly.  These reliable benchtop chillers are well suited to laboratories where space saving is required and reliability is expected.

Laboratory Chillers

Laboratory Chillers from BV Thermal Systems are portable, convenient, accurate, reliable, whisper quiet and designed, engineered and manufactured especially for applications as rotary evaporators, Electron microscopy, AAS among others.

Fluid to Fluid Heat Exchangers

The heat exchangers are ideal when in-house water is either too cold, too dirty or does not have enough pressure to adequately support your water cooled equipment because they provide a clean stable, controlled closed-loop water cooling system.

Flourinated Fluid Heat Exchangers

Our Fluorinated Fluid Heat Exchanger  is capable of meeting the SEMI-S2 Safety standards and F-47 power and voltage sag standards and has a 5°C to 230°C temperature range while providing exceptional temperature control with ±1°C accuracy.

Rack-Mount Chiller

Our environmentally friendly Rack-Mounted Chiller with a temperature range from+5° to +35°C is designed to fit a standard 19″ rack.  Other features include easy front fill reservoir, auto-tuning PID controller and liquid filled pressure gauge .

Low Temperature Chillers

The BV Thermal Systems Low Temperature Chillers offer continuous cooling with a temperature from -40° to +30°C.  Featuring a low profile design with high quality locking casters, the Low Temperature Chillers  are optimized at your load point for maximum efficiency.

About BV Thermal Systems

Since 1980, BV Thermal Systems has produced recirculating chillers and heat exchangers.  With a variety of models including standard temperature (5 – 35°C), low temperature (-40 – +30°C) and extended temperature (-40 – +160°C) as well as rack mounted chillers and heat exchangers.  BV Thermal Systems has become a leader in temperature control.  Additionally, BV Thermal Systems is also able to produce reliable fluid temperature control systems running at 200°C and above.

 Benefits of choosing BV Thermal Systems

In order to deliver to you the unit you need requires us to develop a close working relationship with you.  It is critical for us to understand all of the intricacies involved in your manufacturing process.  With a thorough understanding of your process we are then able to produce a unit that will provide you with the exact temperature control required to keep your manufacturing up and running.

We understand that you have many options when choosing a chiller – both here and overseas – which is why we are constantly exploring top quality, cost-saving components.  As a proud US manufacturer, we are continually testing ourselves to ensure we are providing you with the absolute best temperature control unit possible so that when you require additional units, you contact us again.


For over 40 years, BV Thermal Systems has  provided fluid to fluid heat exchangers and recirculating chillers to a various array of companies.  The different industries and applications served over the decades have provided us with the experience necessary to fully understand the needs and requirements of each industry.

Our thorough understanding of our customers and their industry specific requirements has significantly contributed to the superior engineering, design, manufacturing and performance of our products—and allowed us to engineer the best system for a specific application. We understand your industry, the challenges you face and the solution you require.

BV Thermal Systems Custom Engineering

Custom Engineering, Custom Design and Custom Manufacturing leads to Custom Chillers and Custom Fluid to Fluid Heat Exchangers. What makes BV Thermal Systems stand out from the other manufacturers?  We have the ability to combine custom engineering, custom designing and custom manufacturing to deliver you a chiller or heat exchanger to meet your exact specifications.  No detail is too small or too large.  We take the time to understand your process and use that knowledge to design, engineer and manufacture the unit your process requires.

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